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Why Not Mahna Mahna in Your Own Way?

This Mahna Mahna video was always a favorite of my son’s. He laughed quite a bit over the increasingly frustrated creature who kept getting disapproved by the pink cows. (I realize the description sounds weird 😀 , but go ahead and watch the clip if you don’t know it, it’s quite amusing.)

While the video made me laugh as well, it also made me think. We are all put together in different ways, having different strengths and weaknesses, different talents and inclinations. You are a unique combination. It may be true that you are not a famous writer, musician, painter or sculptor… but I firmly believe that God has given us all some measure of creativity and a field (or more) in which that creativity can be manifested. It may be

  • the gift of using what you have at hand to decorate a home, making it feel warm and inviting;
  • a ‘green thumb’;
  • an eye for pretty flower arrangements;
  • a talent for cooking delicious food and serving it in an appetizing way;
  • a special way with words, the ability to express thoughts clearly and beautifully;
  • the talent of making a written text come alive when you read it with appropriate intonation and feeling;
  • a knack for sewing beautiful clothing;
  • an ability to make lovely furniture;
  • a way of making people feel comfortable around you, encouraged and inspired to go on;
  • an ability of making others feel safe when you are there, because you have a way of readily defending someone who is bullied or unjustly treated…
  • or it could be, oh, so many other things…

A friend once told me that we all tend to greatly underestimate the gifts we’ve been given and how much of an impact they have on people. We find it so easy to feel that what we do really isn’t that important. I think she was right… We can easily let other people, or our own doubts/ fears/ insecurity shake their heads at us and reduce us to silence… pretty much like those pink cows in the video. And what a pity it is when that happens!

I am not suggesting that there would be any virtue in ignoring whatever is right and honest and commendable, to boldly go ahead and do your own thing, at whatever cost to anyone else. Far from it! But if God has put something good in you, some creativity that you can express in your own way, or an amount of passion for a pursuit that is worth following, by all means, express it! Follow it! Talent comes in variable quantities, but do not let what you do not have rob you of the joy of expressing what you do have! In your own way!

So if God has given you a song to sing, who’s to say that you should be following a different tune? Go ahead and sing with gusto! Be original! And let the pink cows do or say what they will!


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  • Deborah P says:

    Good points. I know I want to be creative, but I sing the pink cow refrain to myself – I don’t wait for someone else to do it. Thanks for the encouragement. Love the Robin!

    March 30, 2014 at
    • Brindusa says:

      Yes, it’s all too easy to ‘go pink cow’ on ourselves, if I can put it like that… I know I can always use a little encouragement. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by, Deborah, and for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you like my robin! 🙂 I love to paint birds.

      March 30, 2014 at

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