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The October Fall Challenge

On her blog, a Romanian friend has recently launched this beautiful October challenge:

Your home, a piece of heaven on earth!

(Actually, the American site that she credited with inspiring her called this the “Making Your Home a Haven” Fall Challenge. Whether you prefer to see your home as a haven or as a piece of heaven on earth… that is your choice, it is a lovely thought either way. 🙂 True, our homes will never attain perfection, but they can still be places of beauty and warmth in spite of imperfections.)

Little homeThe challenge requires that during the first week of October you would daily light a special candle, at supper time, or at any other moment of the day which you may prefer; that you would pray for the peace of your home, and do your best that there would be an atmosphere of peace and patience in it.

During the second week, which we have already entered, you would daily play some soft music in your home, avoid rude, angry speech, and rather focus on peaceful words and relationships. You would do your best to be gentle and have self-control. Now isn’t that a great thing to aim at?

I would say that even if we find ourselves not abiding by all the details of the challenge each week, it is still worth attempting it… And, why not, it is worth continuing to do so even once the month of October is over. 🙂

As life tends to come up at times (or even often) with unpredictable events, which can mess up all plans… let’s try to aim toward beauty right where we are (instead of waiting for ideal conditions). In my case, that meant a week of having colds, fever, and a good bit of exhaustion. Not exactly ideal circumstances… But it felt great when we could sit down together for a cup of tea, around the table, with a lit candle, listening to some beloved selections of classical music… Cozy moments, during which we enjoy each other, are indeed precious. I didn’t get to buy a special candle, so I used the very centerpiece that was already on my kitchen table (in our home, the kitchen is the place I love best!).

A little candlelight

Isn’t it great to think of your home as being a haven of beauty, love and calm? It is what I sincerely wish for you – and for myself. Let’s take a few steps closer to it … small steps though they may be. 🙂

bless 3

Remember, it is love that makes a house a home…

home 12

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