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Hold Fast to Dreams


dream rose

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

(Langston Hughes)

“Having dreams” is for me another way of saying “having hope”. Who can live without hope? It is possible to bravely go through innumerable hardships… if there is inner hope that somehow, someday, something worthwhile will be ultimately gained. When one feels totally defeated and expects no change for the better… then the smallest difficulty appears quite unsurmountable.

That is why I so loved these poetry lines which inspired my painting. We need dreams to keep us alive, we need hope – not false, deceitful, vain hope, but hope in something solid, real, genuine… And as long as there is life and breath, hope can be found, no matter how grim life may seem to someone for the moment. As long as there is life, God may be found, peace may be reached, dreams may be fulfilled… perhaps not all, but some may come true in a way even better than you dared imagine.

So don’t let that bird’s wings hang limp, friends! Let it soar… and dare to dream!


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