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Brîndușa Art - Wood Painting


My name is Brînduşa Panc and I would be very glad to hear from you. If you have any comments or questions about my paintings, please feel free to contact me here.

Important: I have just discovered that there was a technical problem which prevented me from getting your messages. I am so sorry! It was never my intention to leave messages unanswered – it is a joy to hear from you all, and I appreciate it when you take time to write. If any of your messages was left unanswered, it must have gotten lost. Please take a few moments and resend it… Thank you!

If you want to purchase something, you can either choose from the paintings that are available, or pick one that is no longer so, but which I could paint again for you. In the latter case, the resulting painting would also be unique (like everything handmade), and not perfectly identical to the one you saw on the site… Or you might want to commission a personalized painting, and come up with either a special inscription for a dear one, or a nature photo of your own, which you would like to have as a painting… I am open to such a possibility as well.

My page on Facebook: Brînduşa Art – Wood Painting You can also send me a private message on this Facebook art page.

If at any time you leave me a message and, after a reasonable amount of time, I still haven’t answered you, it may be that there is some technical problem of which I am not aware… so I never got your message. The internet does crazy things at times, and computers have their quirks. 🙂 It is not my intention to leave messages unanswered. If you are in doubt, please make sure you also leave me a message on my Facebook page.