Brîndușa Art

Wood Painting

Brîndușa Art - Wood Painting

The person behind Brînduşa Art …


What is this Brînduşa Art person like, you wonder? 🙂

I am a Christian woman who greatly enjoys painting and sharing some of the beauty she sees around her. I am very grateful for God’s grace and for this gift of painting that He’s given me… I love my family, greatly enjoy having deep conversations with friends … and, in random order, love forests, mountains, flowers, cats, dogs, birds, lizards, ladybugs, crickets, frogs, books, good movies, Celtic and Classical music (but not only), baking, crochet… and, oh, so many other things… 🙂 There is much to explore in this wonderful world!little home

I hope that you will enjoy my art, and will feel welcome and cozy here, in my virtual home.

  • Vivienne Fenton says:

    I called in to say hello! Fabulous creativity!

    November 4, 2014 at
    • Brindusa says:

      Thank you, Vivienne! I’ve only now discovered your comment, it had been deleted automatically (WordPress associated it with some kind of error). 🙂

      December 4, 2014 at

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