Brîndușa Art

Wood Painting

Brîndușa Art - Wood Painting

Take a little time…

Original size: 2705 × 1722 in Gallery

Take a little time to smell a flower, to read good words, to be a friend, to render thanks, to gladden your soul… Take a little time to LIVE! Painted wooden plaque – one of a kind – whose text is painted by hand as well (no stencils): about 14.5 x 9 inches (approx. 37 x 23.5 cm). The plaque has a unique look: the six paintings are separated by grooves that I’ve carved in order to give the impression of six smaller plaques put together with small nails (these are driven into the corners of each image). A sort of a wooden quilt… A good message to have before your eyes, to remind you, or a friend, of some of the things that bring joy and depth to one’s life…

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