Brîndușa Art

Wood Painting

Brîndușa Art - Wood Painting

Hobbit house – later stage

Original size: 3071 × 1772 in Gallery

I was thinking recently of how much I love fir trees – fir forests bring a lot of joy to my heart through their beauty! I said to myself that I should at least help my little folks have a fir tree nearby. So… I used some wooden sticks and some fabric, and fashioned (and painted) a fir tree for my hobbit home (which began with a tin can). And I also added a lovely piece of driftwood, which I found last fall, in a mountain river. Later on, I also made a tree stump out of a piece of a shovel handle (like the little people I carved), and built a small piece of tinder fungus on its side too (out of small pieces, glued together). It seems that my hobbits’ home is growing…

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