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Brîndușa Art - Wood Painting

My first hobbit home – with swing

Original size: 2249 × 1709 in Gallery

In a few days’ time it will be one year since I crafted my first hobbit house. Since I made it for myself, I’ve had plenty of time to keep adding things to it, so it would be a more comfortable place for my hobbit friends. I’ve used wood, fabric, dried up moss, rocks, and several tin cans. The house door can be opened, so you can actually store things inside. Here is the way the little house looks today! I’ve added some decorative hinges made by me, some metal decorations above the window and under it, and a large tree, with a swing that the little ones can use. (Of course it’s not made out of a tire! A tire during the time of the hobbits?! It’s a wooden wheel.)

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