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Wood Painting

Brîndușa Art - Wood Painting

Make it art

Original size: 1675 × 2180 in Gallery

Acrylic painting on wood.

I sometimes get a strong desire to make a painting when I read something that speaks to me. If you’ve been on this page a while, you probably know that Ann Voskamp’s writing often inspires me.
A few days ago, I read an article she posted, entitled “The Best Secret About Making a Home”. Describing her life, she wrote:

“So she made soup and matched socks. She scrubbed out the tub. She awoke: *One always gets to decide what is mindless work and what is soulful work.*
She would decide.
She decided for art, to make her life art. She would make it all art — it all would be art, worship, a gift back.”

I loved it! There are dramatic moments in life, to be sure, but it is mostly made up of ordinary, unglamorous things, that need to be done. Isn’t it so? The work involved in making a home, work done outside the home – whatever it is… You can indeed do it without being fully present in the moment, or you can choose to do it as “soulful work”, and turn it into art. So I chose only one of the many kinds of work that could be done, one of the many necessary things which keep our life going, like the many gears in a mechanism that works. And I made the painting as a reminder for my own soul…

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